Monday, December 20, 2010


Different people have different ways to relax. I have a hundred and least. lol!

One thing that really brings me peace and 'centers' me is playing in the dirt. yep, you read that right: playing in the dirt. I love to piddle in the garden and I got to do that these past couple days. I started a few seeds and cleaned up some of my garden.

I do not seem to relax while playing online....

Coffee also relaxes me.... until I've drank too much, then I just get paranoid, lol!

I also love snugglin' with my grandson! He and I will sit in my chair and just relax. Until he has had enough of relaxin' that is...which is usually about two minutes. But those two minutes are great, we talk...or rather he babbles and I listen and babble back.

take care and have a great day!

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