Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Plant That Out Grows its Container Needs to Be:

A very nice example of how WE can grow spiritually and since I am a budding botanist, appropriate: (totally snagged from a friends facebook, thanks sis!aka: Loida Samson)

A plant that outgrows its container needs to be re-potted, or transplanted into a larger area or else it withers or eventually dies. A good gardener needs to look for ways to promote growth. During springtime, plants need to be replanted to allow them REJUVENATE . Re-potting is our term for transplanting our self into a larger growth environment. Just as gardener, we look for ways to rejuvenate our lives.

Lessons from gardening:

Rethinking the landscape

Just as some plants need different environment to thrive, we need to adapt new perspective and start thinking in new ways. Reassessing the most important things, trading-off things and the likes are just some of the steps to successful re-potting of our lives. We try our best to bring more light and meaning into our personal garden by RETHINKING, REASSESSING our personal landscape and RE-SHIFTING our priorities.

Realize that planting is a process

Slowing down, creating time in our schedule are just some ways of letting our personal garden undergo a process. We don`t need to be afraid of "empty spaces". We have to cut back on our hectic schedule and utilize the free time slots with enriching and life-saving activities, this includes sharing the good news to others.

Let in more light

Maybe our plants need more light to grow . Similarly, for us to grow , it is essential to let our minds open to new possibilities and set attainable goals. If our lifestyle is constraining us (or even suffocating us) why don`t we choose to let more light in our lives in favor of a less constraining and simple life?

Tend your garden regularly

Whatever undertakings, whether it`s work, field ministry, or pursuing a new hobby and so on, we do something every single day to make a progress. We don`t let distractions take energies away from the tasks necessary to achieve our goals.

Cultivate your dreams

We can unleash our creativity side by allowing new ideas, concepts, and avenues run free in our minds. We can visualize our future lives under the new system of things for example. Would we be building our dream homes in pink (smile here) or yellow? Why not? We can let our imagination take over the current role we have and act in accordance with our dreams. It necessitates to work towards that goal and let the mind free for such.

Water your roots

We find the core values that motivate us. We make sure that the life we are living in is in sync with our deepest values and priorities. If we lack the spiritual goal and motivation, we see what we can do to realign to that.

Don`t forget fertilizer

Remember that when we expand our knowledge, we also expand our options. For personal growth, learning is crucial-whether we are pursuing a new hobby or realizing our new goals. The stimulation of learning fosters new growth and change at any age.

Plant a sample bed

Until we try a plant in our own personal garden, we would never know exactly if the conditions are right for growth. If that is not the case, we can always rip it out and try another one. Start all over again. Embrace trial and error method. No master is born.

Get input from other gardeners (this is the most important part)

One who instructs himself has a fool for a master. Top into our network- family, friends, and colleagues -whoever may be able to give us feedback. We benefit most from the wise advise coming from the source of all wisdom, the Bible. The great Gardener of all, Jehovah is the best adviser we can have.

Weed your garden

We have to eliminate the non-essentials, those weeds which hinder us from growing. We make a systematic and disciplined approach on how we get rid of them. It demands strong hands to pull them out, yes, we might be requiring a weed remover too. As long as there are personal weeds, our personal plants can not grow. If we allow vices, wrong desires, bad entertainment, vicious motives and so on thrive in our lives, they will soon take over our personal garden. It craves that we constantly remove those unnecessary and un-useful personal weeds in order for our garden to grow and aggrandize.


  1. Its a nice Blog. Light intensity from LED growing lights is a big change also. The spectrum provided for the Hydroponics plants is, again, more like growing your plants outdoors in soil and sun.

  2. thank you Samuel. I have just begun looking into LED for starting some plants indoors! I will continue doing so. :)


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