Monday, December 6, 2010


A fairly long word: communication.

But a very important word. Communication is the key in any and all relationships. Not just family, friends, school, etc. But also the doctor - patient relationship.

DUH! Seems most everyone agrees on this but that agreement doesn't seem to be getting it done.


Both patients and doctors agree that good communication can be the key to saving lives; yet there is not good communication.

Could it be because doctors just don't care about their patients? After all, many patients now attempt to diagnosis themselves (thank you internet) and have no problem spilling their opinions to the doctor..... right?

Or could it be that doctors are so over booked (whose fault is that?) and cannot devote enough time to actually listen to the patients?

This seems to be the main problem: not enough time/too many patients. Which by the way will only get worse as more doctors step out of the field and get replaced with Nurse Practitioners. Who have far less training.

Oh yeah, the scene of the medical field/health care IS indeed changing!

And it is not for the better, IMHO.

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