Friday, December 10, 2010

No better way to get your way

Saw a news item today about the cyber attacks due to the arrest of the founder of Wikileaks.

Ok, HE seems to be for full disclosure, even if it endangers the security of a country. Well, his followers/supporters decided to protest by the massive amounts of cyber attacks on capitalistic websites: credit cards, etc...

ok...... why not attack government sites? And are these cyber-terrorists (as they have now been labeled) not against MORE government control over the internet? yet their very actions are pushing for MORE governmental control.

So it seems that the effect of the attackers is actually going to support the government in the increase of their control over the internet. buh bye internet freedom!

Now the question begs, are those so called cyber-terrorists REALLY "protesting" the control the government already has OR are they actually working FOR the governments and doing all this mayhem in order to help the governments gain more control?

Reminds me of those eco-terrorists who go way beyond and extreme to protest, just so those "more sane" eco-'friendly' groups are getting their goals done because they are "settled for".

Make sense? lol! Just think about it. Let us say you wanted to get your goal of "A" done; but it was just kinda extreme; would not someone who had a much more extreme goal of "B" and actually tried it - was rejected.... would that not suddenly make your goal of "A" much more acceptable just because it would NOT be "as bad as B"? It sure would!

Yep, same way as a kid, when you went to mommy and asked for horse but 'settled' for a puppy.... which is all that you really wanted to begin with.

Now ya get it!!! Now get ready for MORE gov control in the internet!

have a great day!

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